Six Pillars

Our program is built upon these 6 pillars…

Focus – Like the lens of a camera, you will focus and zoom in on your visions and ambitions, being able to see your goals with clarity. Prioritizing and managing the elements of your life will center your attention on that which is most important.

Intelligence – You will improve your aptitude in grasping truth behind self-motivation and behavior of others. Acquiring more knowledge and skills will strengthen your social and emotional intelligence.  A greater understanding of how to manage your emotions as well as the emotions of others will improve decision making, productivity, and leadership.

Influence – Bring positive influence into your life through careful evaluation of your intentions and commitments.  Understanding how to inspire and empower others to promote an optimistic environment will enable you to be your best and see the best in others.

Endurance – You will acquire fortitude to complete a course of action that produces consistent results, despite the level of difficulty. Your core strength will be tested and developed through a series of benchmark goals, which will serve to continue your motivation with power, passion and drive.

Interpersonal Relationships – Interactions between family, coworkers and friends will be enhanced through positive communication skills.  Learning how to manage anger, frustration, and stress allows you to develop meaningful relationships.

Wellness– As your mind, spirit and physical body work together, you draw energy from within yourself. Through this higher level of understanding, you will become balanced, centered and healthy. Our wellness program includes health risk assessment, weight loss programs, stress management, mindfulness and meditation techniques, addiction cessation programs (smoking, alcohol, drugs), and exercise/fitness training.