Your Spheres of Influence

Influence, the third pillar of Team Six Life Coaching is relative to the spheres of influence that encircle us daily with either positive or negative energy. Influence in this case can pertain to the impact you might have on others, your reputation, even leadership, or it can pertain to the influences that are affecting you and your progress. Both are important to evaluate and that is part of what we do through our coaching process @team6lifecoach.
We assist you in bringing positive influence into your life, first, through careful evaluation of your intentions and commitments. Where you are and getting to where you would like to be in relation to your goals is greatly impacted by the root of all your objectives and the motives behind such. Things and people within the spheres of our lives often have influence without our awareness, or we can be very aware of the influences in our lives and not know how to emulate them or learn from them constructively. Once you have evaluated these things, it is important to then seek influence that will inspire, push and direct you toward your goals.
Understanding how to inspire and empower others to promote an optimistic environment will also enable you to be your best and see the best in others. Giving back positive energy, time and knowledge can teach us new things that further develop our own skills. We think, see, and feel our best in the environments that promote our success. Your influence on others will come back to you with even greater power through spheres of influence.
Take a moment to think about how you are being influenced in your life. Who or what is doing the influencing? Is it positive?
How can you influence others positively? Who can you influence or what can you be adding influence unto that will make you better?
Be your best!

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