What’s Your EQ?

What’s Your EQ?

To continue the examination of Team Six Life Coaching’s 6 pillars, I wanted to share some deeper thoughts on the importance of intelligence in relation to psychology and life coaching. Intelligence being the second pillar of our core foundation, we strive to help clients improve their aptitude in grasping truth behind self-motivation and behavior of others. Social and emotional intelligence can be just as valuable as book smart intelligence when it comes to obtaining success in personal and professional situations.

Social and Emotional Intelligence are not to be confused with your ability to use or navigate social media! In fact, it takes physical interaction and tangible experiences to be able to improve and increase your EQ (emotional intelligence). A greater understanding of how to manage your emotions as well as the emotions of others can improve decision making, productivity, and leadership skills. The ability to recognize and appropriately respond to the emotional states of those around you can assist in collaboration, cooperation, negotiation, association and innovation—who doesn’t want to be better at all these things?

Intelligence and awareness of others is one angle, but EQ also applies to the knowledge you have of your own emotions, motivations and interactions ~ know thyself. This is where life coaching can be incredibly beneficial because the better that you understand yourself and how you respond to life’s challenges, crises, and problems, the closer you come to achieving your highest potential. What is your EQ?

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