Your Focal Point

Your Focal Point

Focus like the lens of a camera…

This is the first of 6 pillars within the Team Six Life Coaching program. To take a beautiful photograph, one of the first things you must do is focus the lens of the camera. To zoom in on a subject is to give all the attention to that one source, blurring everything else within sight. Similar to achieving visions and following ambitions, it is critical to focus your time and energy toward a clear, distinct outcome. Prioritizing and managing the elements of your life will center your attention on that which is most important, your focal point.

It is important to recognize the difference between being busy and being focused. Everyone is busy, but few are focused. Busyness accomplishes ordinary, repetitive tasks that might get things done, but do not produce significant, life fulfilling experiences. Being focused is committing your attention and efforts toward a conscious reward.

In a world of fast pace demand, it is very easy to fall into a busy life with busy days, busy nights, busy friends, busy work, and even busy play. Try focusing the energy you put forth being busy in a day toward being focused and acting with intention on select tasks that mean something to you.


It’s spring! Make a change and focus on the good with less menial tasks and more meaningful growth.

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