What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching does not evaluate the phycological and emotional behaviors of one’s past and present to diagnose and treat disorders. You do NOT have to be struggling in life to see a life coach. You do NOT have to be depressed or mentally unstable to need or want coaching. Life coaching IS an opportunity to be guided through a process of self improvement and discovery to reveal one’s goals and aspirations; to achieve uncharted levels of personal success.

Life coaching can apply to various people searching for various definitions of success within personal and professional environments at different stages of life. People seeking to achieve a goal or see change in their life, but do not know how to approach it alone, can benefit from the direction, training and problem solving experience of a professional coach.

At Team Six Life Coaching, “We help you navigate through your toughest interpersonal storms, climb the highest mountains of challenges and dive into your deepest waters of uncharted self.”

Storms of life can set us back, stir us up, or awaken new visions in our lives. These visions can be big or small, but each deserving an equal opportunity and the attention to be attained or achieved. Life coaching is a resource to develop skills and put plans into action; to manifest, manage and maintain these visions, your visions, to their final masterpiece.


What are the visions you have for yourself?

Would life coaching give you the boost you need to get started?


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