Wake Up to your Technology Usage

Wake Up to your Technology Usage

Let’s face it – our mental health has been bombarded by many waves of stress, but none as enormous as the tidal wave of technology. Smart phones, computers, tablets, smart watches, TVs, electronic readers and all the rest of technology’s gadgets have swept into our lives and homes without us even noticing. Of course, we heavily rely on these devices. They have become a necessity, a crutch in some cases, and we use them every hour around the clock.

If we shut them out completely, we could crumble under the demands of the modern world. Technology is communication and if we were to cut it off, much would be at risk, right? How much? What would be at risk for you? Now think about how much technology is a part of your current every day. Are you addicted? Is this good or bad?

The answer is not black and white, but it should get you thinking about just how much time you are connected into your devices and how you feel as a result of it. Steps toward managing your usage and eliminating distractions in your life could lead to a happier, more accomplished you. This is commonly referred to as mindfulness. When we wake up in the morning, we must think before we connect. How hard would it be for you to wait until after breakfast to check your phone?

Throughout the day, give yourself regularly scheduled breaks when you disconnect from the all-encompassing grid of connectivity that never stops. Use this time to clear and refresh your mind– and give those hard working eyes a break!!


  • Examine what you’re doing. Ask yourself…What am I absorbed in right now? Am I ignoring something?
  • Center yourself with mindfulness and be aware of your technology usage. Take control.
  • What is most important in your life and how is that affecting what you were just doing?
  • Start a gratitude list to review first and last thing of the day. What matters most?


Hopefully this is a good reminder to you that there is more to life than Candy Crush, texting and checking emails. Open your mind to a routine with a little more freedom from electronics and more attention to your interests and goals.


Doc says “Unplug! Be mindful. Open yourself to greater possibilities.”

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